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E-Medicalwala is a the complete medicine hub which also extends itself to online users too at www.emedicalwala.com. E-Medicalwala offers authenticated prescribed and over the counter OTC medicines, health care products with authentic invoices. All the medicines sold through E-Medicalwala have genuine invoices and good expiry dates.

E-Medicalwala offers prescribed (subject to prescription verification by our Pharmacists) as well as generic medicines on the net, over phone/SMS and whatsapp using the convenience of home delivery services through self delivery or courier services where all the medicines are verified and sold under supervision of authorized pharmacists through its tangible stores. People can easily upload their prescription on our website to buy medicines that gets verified through the qualified pharmacists. Prescription can also be sent to us directly through electronic mail at order@emedicalwala.com. All medicine purchases are processed and verified through the authorized pharmacists and they help guide your medicines and also provide instructions on the dosage.

Customers can order medicines online through our website www.emedicalwala.com or by email to order@emedicalwala.com or call to our landline number 0755-4003566. They can also send SMS or do WhatsApp to 09755163566, 09179055005.

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